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Just wanted to think u for your advice.Jarred
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I just found out a few hours ago that my best friend in the whole world is nearing the end stages of liver disease.
While in the hospital room,I could barely hold back my tears. What do u say to someone who has given there life
taking care of other people.My friend lives with me,Due
to some issues that he has. Over the years we became almost as one. Did so many things together. Now,All I can do is Pray.I hope he can be put on a donor list and that things will work out. He is only in his forties.Financially, I am strapped. I wish that i could take care of him.Does anyone know of donations that will cover cost of liveing and pay bills until his disability is approved. If so Let me know. Please I need help.God bless, And thanks in advance.'
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